Laying Bets

  • Once the account is funded you can select markets to lay.
  • Please note some markets (in-play markets) will only be available once the event has started.
  • We suggest keeping your liability limit on each market substantially lower than your overall account balance until you see which markets are more popular.
  • There is no cost to lay until a bet is confirmed on the system. At this stage, your liability is calculated and the bet is confirmed providing all conditions are correct (market open, resulted correct, odds correct and you have sufficient funds).
  • On confirmation, sufficient BETR tokens are escrowed from your wallet to cover your liability. This is calculated as (odds-1)*stake. We are able to calculate more accurate market level liability so your escrow will reduce on a per bet basis as long as betting is in synch across all selections in a market.
  • If your account has insufficient funds to confirm a bet, then all your open lays will be reduced accordingly.
  • Lays can be made at either a fixed price, in which case you will be responsible for updating the price as the markets move, or synched with the overall market in which case the price will change according to market sentiment.
  • Markets are suspended and closed automatically as the game progresses but be aware that a market such as 1X2 will remain open in-play so if you have elected to enter your own price you will need to update this or close the lay manually when teams start scoring.
  • At this stage, all resulting is done via an integrated feed. In future versions additional resulting systems will be available.