Place or Lay a bet using BETR!

BETR is the revolutionary new way to place safe and secure bets on the Blockchain using Ethereum smart contracts. Using the BETR token, you can place bets and offer you own odds as a layor

Bet against an available Lay

Download the BETR App to find the best prices, then place your bets against available lays and receive winnings straight away.

BETR Wallet

You will need to create a BETR Wallet in order to place a bet. This is simple to set up and you just need to transfer BETR tokens to place bets and ETH to cover gas charges. Other wallet options will be available in the future.

Lay a Bet

Be the bookie and create a layer account to lay bets. You will need to transfer BETR tokens and ETH into your account in order to offer odds.